Duplicate character(maybe?) removal


Okay, so i had invested quite a few hours into a singleplayer world, and for some reason when i started it up today, i HAD to create a new character.
I went into admin mode and flew off to where i had built and everything was there.
Problem was my 3 dlc’s didnt register as active and i could not spawn in any of the items there.
So i logged out and played another game.
Now when i am back to play the game, to see if i could use the dlc stuff, then yes i can!
Problem being i am back in my old characters body and my new character is laying on the floor where i am to continue to build.
How do i remove this entity of a ghost character? The character does not have a name either, it only says “Unconsious”.
I have tried killing the char in any way i could think of, but no hit is registering, neither can i use bindings to drag the body away, or in any other way interact with it.
Either if there is a way ingame to remove it, or what files must i change to wipe him off my save?
Tried hacking him up, tried Shift-delete in admin mode aswell

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