Problems with my game

Dear Funcom I’m having trouble since your last up date. It wants me to start all over but I have data on my Xbox that says it’s there. Now it was fine on 11/23/2020 with both gamer tags but when try on 11/24/2020 it wanted me to start a new character. I don’t if anybody else is having trouble with this. Can please answer me as soon as read this. I kinda want to know wants going on with my game. Thanks for your time.

You might want to elaborate a bit to help troubleshoot your issue.

Is this happening on an official server, private server, or offline?

There was the issues with official characters being wiped if you finished the character creation when the server IDs was messed up.

Ok, all I can tell you if I make new character and then get off server and get back on, it will force me to make a new character. This is on single player.

From the sounds of it, your game is not saving when you leave the game, since you are playing offline single player.

I would recommend submitting a support ticket, or pm funcom staff member on this bug.

I have not experienced this issue, so funcom should be of better help.

Good luck with any help from funcom. These updates keep making things worse. Face it, they got your money, now you dont matter. Look how long this has been going on, look at the problems pc have with Isle dlc, and look which is getting updates. Pc = update, us = bs excuses. Not hard to figure out where we stand. Out in the cold!!!

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