Xbox Server wiped after November 9 2020 update?

Game mode: Online pve
Problem: character lost after November 2020 update
Region: european server
Server name: Land der Franken
Revision #256263/26419
Character screen name: CreasingCupid75

This is my favorite game of all time I really wish you guys could get it together. I thank you so much for the incredible work that you do and have done. I’ve spent a lot of money and the last 3 years of my life dedicated to this game.

This didn’t happen until your update how is it not your fault?

unfortunately , Funcom has nothing to do with private servers wiping , your Sever name indicates that it is not an " official " server ! Officials never wipes as Funcom promised , but private server are maintained by the people that bought it , and (unfortunately for you :confused: ) they can do whatever they want of the server they own. I am sorry for your losses . Also you have maybe one thing to try before , try to reach the server admin/owner , that you were playing on , and ask him if he could send you the database of the old server (if he still have it … ) , then if he send it to you , you can install it on another rented server ( I am not 100% sure , but I think you can :wink: )

also see this topic , it can be linked to this