XBOX Server need to be Reset

Game mode: Online
Problem: XBox Official PvP Server needs reset
Region: Canada

XBox PvP Official Server 2652 needs to be reset. No players are able to join the server, those currently connected are able to remain connected until they log out or disconnect. The problem will persist until server reset at 05:10 server time. This has been an ongoing issue on this server and has occurred 3 time this week.

I have already filed a ticket with GPortal and they told me that I needed to contact FunCom. The “Report Official Server” option on the server list for XBox no longer works. When trying to contact FunCom about the Issue I keep getting redirected to the forums.

Can someone from FunCom please take the steps required to reset the sever ( 2652 on XBOX ) or provide me with the contact information I need to have the server reset myself.