Losing everything... AGAIN

So i løogged out of the game because it was lagging so god damned much, when i attempt to log back in again it wants me to create a new character. I am assuming this means that all my building and such will be gone. Why are you doing this funcom?

On the same server? official or privat? what is the last data on the serer, youre level or is it blank?

Well this is singleplayer/co-op and i exited to main meny, then closed the game. I went ahead and created the new guy and logged in (i did press continue and not new game). Everything i had buit was still there but bound to my clan alas i could not access anything.

This might be the wrong place to ask though

I don’t dare to play online anymore after all the bugs and glitches i experianced over there, and yes i was aware that i had to log in to the same server

Sorry to hear. I only play online, never had issues losing items or players exploiting. Mind you, it’s pve c.

I went ahead and just created a new game and it functions the same as pc (clan did not remain). But what happened to me was that i logged out and in again 5 minutes or so inbetween and it did not put me back in the game unless i created a new character. Did not press new game, i pressed continue. Might be worh noting it took close to 40 minutes to log put due to it just loading

The only thing i can imagen is that you klicked on deleat caracter insted off exit game. when you restarted the game.

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Yes, me to.
I play singleplayer, especially for tests since EA, and never ever had this happen to me.
Or, i did a mistake, hitting the recreate my character button or such.

I don’t pretend this can never happen, but never experimented this. But i misclick can happen to us all, sometimes we bit distracted, and yes, it’s quickly done. :wink:

Did you try, and revert the game back on a previous save to see ?
Simply replace the current game.db by a backup.dp in your save folder. :wink:

No no there is a warning about that my character will die. I think this is somehow related to that it took close to 40 minutes to log out the game

Yes is tried and that unfortunately didn’t work. This was not a mis-click, this is a glitch related to the fact that it took close to 40 minutes to log out. Just starter a new game yesterday

ITs the same type of warning you get when you remow braslet and log out to mail menu and when you are in hurry or done it 1000 b4 you dont read and just klick.

Have sean some posts abot it when players have dealeated ther caracters instd off remove braselets.
I and many other Think they need to add Another block when dealeat caracter ex you need to Wright “Delete +name” or somthing.


Well yes of course that happens, but ever since i leveled up to 60 and everything i was really careful not to press that button. Either way it doesn’t matter anymore, started a new game now

Funcom thanks you for your worthy sacrifice as an early access tester.

I’m not an early access tester, the game has been out for a year man.

I was joking that the game is in Early Access stage in reality.

I mean it sure as hell feels like its in early access

Down loaded new dlc… Now my game wont run… 1500 hours on same sever? Come on people

Dude, kinda want to say you should expected that, but damn i know the feeling. This is not how a game should feel like when it has been out for over a year. Not to mention the time it was in early access

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