Duplicate(s) of required actions in Journey

The Journey sometimes recognizes when steps have already been completed but much more often I need to craft the same item multiple times for seperate Journeys resulting in wasted time and resources.

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And if you are not on the correct journey it doesn’t count. I really dislike that part of the new journey system. Make it count when you complete the action whether you are on that journey or not.

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I recently realized (playing on a server with decreased xp gains) that the Master Chef journey unlocks in a weird order. You have to first unlock the improved stove (level 55 required), harvest black ice and THEN unlock the preservation box (level 43 required). Would make more sense for those to be reversed so people could start it. Especially since harvesting black ice is also required for the hardened steel journey which can be done earlier. I like to try to group stuff like this together specifically because the game doesn’t recognize I’ve already done a step (bone in the grinder is the worst offender of repeats, imo).


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