Durability Multiplier option not working for tools?

Game mode: [Single-player)]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [EU]

Changing the server settings’ “Durability Multiplier” from 1.0 to 0.0 will make all weapons and armours take no durability loss at any time, yet tools do not seem to be affected. The description clearly states that changing this setting “alters how long weapons, tools and armours will last”

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Start a game
  2. Change server setting “Durability Multiplier” to 0.0
  3. Notice that weapons & armours do not take any damage, but tools still do.

It’s been like this since forever, apparently. Feature vs bug, you decide.


If stated in the sliders that it should affect tools, and it doesn’t, it’s definitevely a bug, not a feature.
Anyway, on singleplayer and privat server the choice should be yours if you wish lose durability on tools or not, or how much.

This should be pushed in the bug correction, and looked for.


Hey @Teitaka

Thanks for your feedback. We’ll inform our team about this issue.


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