Tools STILL losing durability

Tools continue to quickly lose durability. There have been multiple posts about this along with promises to get the issue in front of the team. Then the post is closed. Can we please ACTUALLY get the issue fixed? Thank you.

did you change the setting before or after you made a character?

I have found that settings changed after character creation will revert back every time you restart.

There are several workarounds for this problem.
The least technical fix is to back up your game.db
located in steamapps\common\conan exiles\conansandbox\saves
then start a new game make all the changes to the server settings before you create a character.
then exit the game and restore the back up of your original game.db
You should now have the settings you want without losing progress.

The other methods involve changing read only settings and ini settings.
If you are tech savvy enough and would like to try a more intricate method just ask, I or someone like my would be glad to help.

This workaround will at least get you back playing until the developers address the problem.

good luck.

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I have a private server. So it’s a problem for all my players, some of whom I’m sure will struggle with doing this. Is there nothing to be done server side? And thank you for the response !

Is this a rented server, or on a machine you can access?

if you can get to the game.db you can still back it up, no one can be on the server during this process.

if you are using the excellent Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher it has tools to back up the db using the relocation method.

once the db has been backed up, either by relocating it or archiving,
you then can start over by deleting the game.db and then restart the server which will create a new one,
then log in change the server settings, create a new character. exit stop the server. restore the original game db and restart the server, everyone will be right where they left off. and the settings will stick.

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