Dying upon loading into server

Game mode: [Online | Private Gportal Server]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [NA]

I could have sworn there was a thread or something online about this issue, but as I can’t find it, I’ll post another.

Upon loading in on our private server, several people (5+) have found themselves spawning in naked in the desert and dying. Once dead again, it will respawn them back to their bed. I thought I had read that this is related to servers setting bodies to remain in the world upon logging out (“unconscious”). Could anyone confirm? Or does anyone know more about the cause - like why it’s happening to some people and not others? We think it’s occurring after updates/server crashes.

We wouldn’t mind that much, except the bodies are always gone and unable to be looted. Of course, this means half our players are losing all their stuff unless they remember to put it in a chest before logging out.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log out in base/anywhere
  2. Log in and find yourself spawning somewhere in the desert, health, food and water low and about to die again.
  3. Die and respawn to bed/bedroll as you should have.