E17 NY raid bugs & feedback

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of potential issues that we’ve discovered when attempting NY E17 raid :

  • There is a case where the circle buffs are not applied despite Zuberi being up. Here’s a clip showing the issue:
    From my own pov (didn’t upload any though), i was in the circle and still had the buff when Zuberi started levitating, but the buff vanished as i stepped briefly out of the Alex’s circle.

  • More of a general NY raid feedback than E17 specifically: the aggro swapping is very volatile, and has always been on live. We’ve had a huge amount of attempts resulting in wipes due to tanks getting aggro back accidentally, sometimes, simply because of a basic or some dots. The culprits in the latter were: Sonic Blast’s signature’s dot, Dragon’s Breath shells’ dot (shell reload mistake, but still). Granted, the majority of them were L2P issues.

  • The filth puddles created by Shadow out of Time kill our FPS, especially when they are combined with the zombies in P2 and/or P3.

  • We did not have time to test it during this beta phase, but did so during the previous one, but it wasn’t ever mentioned in the patch notes so i assume this did not get fixed: the MIRV Launcher’s extra clusters do not proc at all when firing an Incendiary Grenade on the Lurker. I presume this is a matter of having no “ground” underneath the target.

  • 1 and only Health Potion per encounter isn’t as big of a deal ever as it is in the raid, since it lasts for so long. It’s not necessarily a problem if that is intended, but i’d submit this feedback anyway.

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The one-per-encounter potion limitation is just a bad idea when fight lengths can vary so much. WoW did it and then reversed it (and then re-did it, and just recently re-reversed it).

It would be better if the potion just had a long cooldown, like 3 to 5 minutes. That way you get to use it once per normal encounter, but maybe twice in NYR (at most once per phase).


Agree, my initial suggestion was to give it a long cooldown when you use it in combat, but get that cooldown dropped to 1 minute as soon as you get out of combat.

Some encounters have weird bugs where you can get out of combat though (NYR and Ankh6 for example). If the cooldown is short enough (like 3 minutes) I don’t even think the out-of-combat modification is necessary. If you’re speed-running dungeons fast enough for it to matter you probably don’t need it for every boss anyway.

Doubt it matters much for Ankh6, but how does one get out of combat in NY? If you indeed can get out of combat, then this rather should be fixed.

My potion cd reduction when out of combat was aimed at people who want to use it regularly in DA and in various other solo content, and i would certainly dislike having potions on a 5 min cooldown every time.

Three minutes could be too long for Dark Agartha on a bad day. Admittedly that’s an extremely edge case.

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It’s really rare for me to just need 1 potion in DA, either I’m fine or the specific move combo is gonna have me using potions as fast as I’m allowed. Top offender: GK having hinder on his GTAoEs, stopping me from getting out of them after the first tick. Easy way for him to deal significantly more damage in a way I can’t stop, cause the only way to avoid being hinder-locked is full cc immunity, 1 per second cleanses just flick on and off as you slowly crawl out of the circle.

Other combination status effects seem to easily exceed what cleanses can keep up with (afflict, static, the debil/expose combo, take any 2) but at least then you’re just stuck with the least worst one, not taking 2500/second in his Disintegration field.

I always wanted to try Contortion signet for hinder in the GK AOE. I have a red one in my bank, I just haven’t put it in anything to try it.

I did use Contortion for a while but Quickness with 10s cooldown is a little better in general. Would be nice if Contortion didn’t come with that time penalty but I suppose if it didn’t, no impact of leveling it up. They could have just gone with “20s cooldown that every signet decreases” though :confused:

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I started using Acrobatic signet for GK only, and it’s a savior when you get a lot of AOEs back to back. Still doesn’t help with being hindered inside, though.