Ear-Piercing Static Noise In Eden


Just entered zone Eden and got to the playground area. As soon as I descended the stairs into the playground area, an ear piercing static noise that occurs about 3 times per second, continuing seemingly indefinitely, will not cease. It is such a loud, high trebble, high pitched, raspy static noise, that I instinctively flung my headset off instantaneously and shouted expletives in my apartment for minutes on end. Must have been the same frequency as the “brown noise” because I think I sh*t myself. Happens with multiple headsets, my sound bar, my 2.1 Logitech speaker set, ear buds, you name it. Definitely a fault of the game because it only does it after that playground area. If I backtrack up the stairs, it stops.

This game has some really strange bugs. Like some real off the wall sh*t.

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I also had this in the exact same room, left room, sound went away, came back into room, sound started again.

I am on an xbox one 1x

I’m on xbox and had the exact same bug. Such an awful sound.

Same issue, no idea how this made it through testing but given the number of bugs I’m not even sure there was a proper QA process :frowning: Never known a game with such a detailed world and lovely touches but be broken in some many obvious ways.