Easier way to swap building material, a mod perhaps?

Hey all,

Is there an easier way to swap the style of building after it’s already been placed? For instance, we all build in sandstone because its the easiest to build early game. However, when I finally start getting better material, I want to keep my building as is and I would like to just swap out each block with the newer design. Is that possible? Maybe with a mod (if so, which?) because I really wouldn’t want to build a whole new base.


Easier than just picking the new piece and placing it directly over the current piece which is replaced? Because that’s already in the game.

Really?! I will try this when I get home. I didn’t know you can just swap them… thanks.

You just hover over the piece you want to replace and it should have a “ghost” piece you’re replacing with. Also an arrow indicating outer face of the piece.

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