Easter Survey - Placeables

As an addition to the buildings request list, It would be nice to condense all of the placeable’s people would like to have in the game.

Again, I have mentioned most of these in the past, but lets condence them into one long list:

1, Armour Stands - with one-click swap for the items you are wearing

2, Wall items, pictures, paintings, animal skins

3, Larger shelves

4, Lockable weapon displays

5, Carpets which don’t get floor poking through

6, Round rugs/carpets

7, Double bed that two players can share

8, Rowing Boat - I know this probably comes under “Mounts” really… just a thought.

Anyone else think of anything else?

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There must be something like a boat because in the release version of the game there will be an ocean with islands. The sheet of water will be huge. Look at the new map.

At the actual map the river in the east was already big. As we all supposed on the new map the river splits in diverse arms, surrounding a swamp/jungle. Together (riverarms and swamp/jungle) they build a big delta, which is bursting out in an ocean.


That wouldn’t happen to be a New Tortage, or ruins of Tortage and the Barachan Isles, would they? Might be fun to explore the burned out relics of past adventures.
Hypothetically, the story may go that Valeria’s reconstruction of Tortage failed because the Picts took advantage of the power vacuum left by Strom and his thralls. The Picts literally devoured the last vestiges of civilized humanity.

Swamp / jungle is one of my favorite sword and sorcery / adventure settings. I am so glad this is coming in and I am really excited for it. Hopefully those islands are reachable (not behind the green wall) and hopefully the water is deep.

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no chance i’l go & swim there with all this new “world boss” thing.