Efficient gold farming

Hello guys.
Do you know any fast way to farm gold? I play most of the time PvPand I am always out of money. I tried DMC grind, FOTD farming in Epic instance, selling beguiler blood but all that is quite ineffective I’d say.
Maybe some kind of crafting?
Need to farm 400 gold thats why I would like to farm it as fast as possible :unamused:

To get so much gold, I think that the easiest way is to craft and sell Ibis. :money_mouth_face:

There is no real efficient way to farm gold in the game anymore. Crafting is pretty much the only way and it can take forever.

You can farm basalt and sell it on the trader. WB is a pain but you can get gold from selling social kits. RF can drop up to 2 gold a box for repeat customers.

I suspect the fastest way to get gold is to farm Raid Finder. But that seems to be the fastest way to everything these days and that saddens me :frowning:

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Farm Chaos, the blue gems from the first boss can be sold to other players for ~1 gold each, if you got several characters you can farm a lot of them and sell them, even the other epic and legendary gems can be sold for 25 or 50 silver at the vendors (only greed on them for money, don’t need).
May take some time but I was able to get almost 200 gold in 2 months by just casually selling them.

When I need money I go to Vanaheim and sell the trophies.

Thanks for ideas guys. I will try to do a bit of each to farm 400g in 2 months :sob: I was trying to sell resources such as basalt, duskmetal etc. but players are not really interested to buy packs of 100. I wanted to try crafting things like "niello, royal gold, piteado etc. but I have no clue where to find recipes.

Niello: Cistern (+ some other mostly useless ones)
Royal Gold: Blacksmith in Atzels Fortress (+ a lot of other good ones)
Piteado: Oasis of Zaara

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Cool Fireblow, thank you very much! Could you tell me where to find other recipes needed for a t3 craft? Seems like those items from recipes always sells

Pretty much all of them drops from Blacksmith boss in Atzels Fortress. Shards, Aqua Regia and Crystalline Flux are the only ones you need to get from somewhere else iirc.

Check out this one.


Thanks a lot. Seems like I can only try to get Niello since this is the only instance that can be done solo.

RF Sh its Gold. Just saying…

Atzels can be solo’d, just takes a while :wink:

I don’t agree with this at all…

On DT I ran solo from entrance to Blacksmith boss in under 12 min so yeah it’s easily doable. Trick is just don’t die because if you die and zone out without being in a group, the dungeon resets


The room with spider cages can be used to reset things as well if you make a bad pull.

Honestly the trash is harder than the actual bosses.

yeah no doubt, only annoying thing with that boss is he resists quite a lot of combos which makes life tapping on dt annoying sometimes. Anyways if you manage to bunch adds decently on a dt and save your stun for oh sh*t moments it’s quite easy

Im not gonna give away all my trade secrets, but…

This is smart.

Also, Khitai questing. Running certain quests and hubs can net you 1-5 gold in like 30-60 minutes depending on your luck and speed.

WB (getting lucky can net you a full vanity set that sells all six pieces for 20s each to vendor, but its unreliable) i often do this on lowbie characters gearing up pre-80. I usually end up with 5-10 gold by the time im fully decked in tier set epics.

Or you could gamble on getting a legendary mount in one of the lootboxes, those sell for like 400-500 gold.

you can try farm onyx chambers for craft recipes. you can do it with tank+heal 2 ppl group. at catacombs drop some good recipes too, last boss. you can solo it in like 15 min. very easy on dt, tos, demo