Eldarium Skinning Knife......Yea

Posts reporting this item missing from over TWO YEARS ago. Well?

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It doesn’t exist.

Just like there’s no black blood pickaxe or obsidian cleaver.

I think only steel and star metal have the full complement of tools.

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There certainly is a black blood pick. And IMO, one oversight does not justify another oversight.

There is a pick. There is no pickaxe. Like the starmetal, steel and eldarium equivalents.

This was not an oversight but a design decision.

You’re right.

So that means they want us to always need to get starmetal at some point, but they don’t mind if we never use eldarium tools or black blood tools or obsidian. Hmmmm.

@Kikigirl Without wanting to contradict yourself, there is a draw of black blood.
This one is on the cave boss on the cornice (bald mouse) the only object in black blood that one does not find is the trays.

It would be nice to have eldarium skinning knife!
But as @Kikigirl says it’s designed this way not to be a complete set :man_shrugging:.
About incomplete sets, except stone, iron, steel, hardened steel and star metal, all the rest are incomplete sets. All of them.
Dragon bone
Composite Obsidian (they don’t count as metal even if you fix them with steel)
Black ice
So apply your WISH to have an eldarium skinning knife and i support it.
I suport only wishes because demands in here end up to the recycle bin.


I’m sorry if I am misunderstanding but even if you visit the Jhil caves there’s still no black blood pickaxe or cleaver for that matter.

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I find it frustrating as well.

Black blood was best for a very long time. Having the full complement would have reduced the need to carry additional tools: pickaxe being the most versatile :slight_smile:

But, starmetal is needed in many other areas other than tools and I would say the least required as a resource use. Especially now that you can buy black blood tools.

I agree here.

Now that we have discussed and determined it wasn’t really a bug but a decision, maybe a decision that could be considered a mistake, we can request.

I agree full heartedly that we need the full complement of tools available in every type. Even a crappy pickaxe in stone :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I was always confused why they would make a design decision like this.


Let’s start with an iron pickaxe :wink:. I remember years ago when we started my friend we had less stone tools and we felt the need to progress fast so we can do the journey steps (yes we were there making journey steps and feel happy, remember? ) .
Now you don’t need the journey steps to level up fast, but to slow down :rofl:.
So there’s no reason not to have all the sets complete, i totally agree :metal:.

Don’t know about a stone sickle, or a stone war-axe either

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Darfari war axe, but no sickle or pickaxe

They just don’t make sense IMO, so it’s fair to not have these.
I also don’t mind legendary tools not being a complete set, but craft-able ones from iron to obsidian could see that.
Nonetheless, you most generally don’t need the Maw of the Hyena, a Star Metal Cleaver is more than enough, and yet we have an Eldarium Cleaver from Siptah :upside_down_face:
On the other hand, skinning knife is available in obsidian and black blood, but not eldarium.

Still, really don’t mind because the really important tools are always available, and those are the Pick and the Axe.


It’s just… strange lol

I cannot see why star metal tools are bad?
They are complete set and nice looking :man_shrugging:. But tbh, when i was playing Siptah i felt the void op has. I would really like to have an eldarium skinning knife, why not? Yet i am not dieing for not having it :rofl:.
On the other hand, i am long gone from having everything.
After all this time, you know it too, we don’t need a lot to achieve the most difficult tasks this game has in pve. I love to have the knowledge about everything, even if i wont use them. I love to have materials for everything, even if i won’t fix everything anymore.
I don’t use buffs annymore but i have fishes, potions and warmakers buff envelopes… Go figure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
Why we do this?

They’re not “bad”, they’re just lower in Harvest Power than Obsidian / Eldarium / Black Blood / Maw of the Hyena

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Yea, the efficiency perk :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
I still remember years ago when we had a conversation about where’s the best stone farming location. @SindeeSyringe back then throw on the conversation the “evolutionary” i can farm 50k stones in 20 minutes.
@CodeMage asked how?
@SindeeSyringe answered with black blood pick, harvesting oils and the hardworking perk (survival) .
I protest because i had to use fragments of power for stones (???) :rofl::rofl::rofl:. At the end i left about 1k fragments to decay, but i wouldn’t use them to harvest stones :man_facepalming:.
Now? You can have 50 k stones even with a steel pickaxe in 20 minutes :man_shrugging:.
So why bother to have the best of the best? It’s pointless!

If you’re farming something that isn’t really valuable, sure, it just takes a bit more time.
If you’re farming something that has limited nodes, not it’s not about time but about harvesting rate.

I’m gonna do the test for you tho so you can see the real difference, with Efficient Harvest and Hard Worker :theworst:

We are using THE spot to farm stone in the silvermine, where everything is stacked like mad, it takes about 2mn to harvest the whole thing.

Test 1: Steel Pickaxe + Advanced Tool Upgrade Kit (Harvesting Power 10+3=13)
About 8600 stone.

Test 2: Black Blood Pick + Oil of Bounty (Harvesting Power 16+9=25)
About 16600 stone.

Of course, when it comes to stone, you can find more resource nodes in different spots even if it takes twice as much time to get the same amount (not even accounting for possible travel time), but if you’re looking for something rarer, like let’s say you’re harvesting Star Metal Ore from a meteor… Yeah, for that, use the very best harvesting rate you have, because the nodes are very few.

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No black blood cleaver either.

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