Eldarium tools missing skinning knife

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Eldarium tool feat doesn’t include a skinning knife. I think there should be one to have a complete set.

Game version 2.4.284326, Dedicated testlive game client

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  2. Check the tools available
  3. Missing skinning knife


Hey @GodlyVoice

Thanks for the heads-up again!
We’ve sent this to our team so it can be addressed. Let us know if you come across other issues while playing in the Testlive build!


Ok theres checklist here for us GodlyVoice, just to ensure we are not missing any others, then a question thereafter. Do we have an Eldarium:

  • Pick
  • Hatchet
  • Pickaxe
  • Sickle
  • Meat Cleaver
  • Skinning Knife
  • Repair Hammer

Im not sure about a *Shovel, as I am yet to play the update. Is it a tool? If so we could potentially count it too. Feel free to point out any others I may have missed of course. Now the question.

Which is the better set of tools out of Eldarium and Black Blood in terms of raw numbers harvested without fittings or oil, ie-baseline?


its a weapon, that functions as a tool if left in the inventory, even broken ones works. i call it a prerequisite to click the stuff in the ground and grab random loot. something that its not affected by durability


Just tested this now. Eldarium has the same harvest as Blood and Obsidian if found on NPCs like accursed.
However, if you craft it with a blacksmith, it’'s the same as crafted obsidian tools, and better than blood, since blood tools cannot be crafted to get the bonus.


I think the only shovel is that improvised weapon option. Does allow you to dig up things on live, IIRC.

Will have to check to weight factor, durability to.
Thanks for the feedback, nice to know !


Why are we assuming there would be an eldarium skinning knife? There’s no obsidian cleaver, no obsidian pickaxe, no black blood pickaxe… you see where I’m going with this? I wouldn’t call this a bug.

That said, I’m all in favor of trying to get Funcom to clarify their process and intentions. There always to be some sort of hose up when they’ve introduced new tools over the years.

You do have a point. I changed the post to feedback.
I do feel the eldarium tools set is incomplete. There’s a skinning knife from every material, including stone.


I would concur. I know the explanation for the cleaver, for example, is Chef’s Cleaver and The Maw of The Hyena. So having cleavers on par with those that you can craft, at least in the Exiled Lands, is unnecessary and would disincentivize hunting those special ones down. But for the skinning knife, at least to my knowledge, no such special tool exists, so it makes sense to have one at the Eldarium tier, especially, like you’ve pointed out, it’s the only one missing from the set.

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