Elder Thing Siege Settings

Hi all! I have a couple of questions regarding the Siege Elder Thing settings. I am playing on an unmoded private server where I am admin.

  1. Max Siege Elder Things - What does this setting do? I have it set to 25 and the smart text indicates it increases the number of Siege Elder Things that will attack my base. From my experience (4 maelstroms vs my medium sized sandstone base), I have only ever been attacked by 1 Elder Thing at a time against my base inside the maelstrom.

  2. Siege Elder Thing Respawn Rate: What does this do? Again, in my testing, as soon as I kill the one Siege Elder Things thats attacking my base, another one pops in (usually in less than a minute). Ive changed the slider down to .1 and all the way up to 10 but didnt see any difference.

Thanks in advance!

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