Elder Vaults - No Boss Spawn

**Game mode: Single - Isle of Siptah
**Type of issue: Elder Vault Boss not spawning
Server type: PVE
**Region:North America
Mods?: No

Intel(R) Core™ i7-5820K CPU @ 3.30GHz 3.30 GHz
Windows 10

Bug Description:

Enter Elder vault with Thrall, clear mobs/explore to Boss. Boss room is empty and some of the rooms adjacent to it are as well; floor trigger is dark and unable to be activated (probably because the Boss is stuck in a wall/above/below somewhere and is still alive)

Expected Behavior:

Fully populated Elder Vault, mobs path and spawn as intended. The ability to complete dungeon, reap the rewards and learn more of the lore provided at the end.

Installed Mods:

No mods, just vanilla.

Steps to Reproduce:

Enter Elder vault with Thrall, clear mobs/explore to Boss. Walk out of Elder Vault w/Thrall, re-enter w/Thrall. Kill the mobs that didn’t spawn on original run. Boss still isn’t present. Walk out of Elder Vault w/Thrall, re-enter w/Thrall for a second time. No Boss. Walk out of Elder Vault w/Thrall, re-enter w/Thrall, for a third time No Boss. Log out with Thrall standing outside the Boss room has occasionally helped make the boss spawn but, that sucks.

It is an issue affecting single-player games which got introduced by one of the latest patches. It has been reported by multiple players. The current workaround until fixed is to enable admin, turn on ghost mode, move for 1-2 seconds and then turn it off, this should force the bosses to respawn.

That really ruins being immersed in the game. Between this and constantly rescuing thralls that get stuck in walls/below ground I’ll pass. Perhaps I’ll revisit your product at a later date.

I’ll try the ghost mode trick, I’m on PC and 4 out of 4 dungeons I’ve found and cleared had the boss spawn issue. Sometimes I get the boss music, sometimes not. I usually play with 1 other person so it’s Local Multiplayer, enter the dungeon with our 2 characters and 2 thralls, never seen a boss yet =/.

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