Elephant blocks player from moving and comes too close - MAKE distance!

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug | Performance | Misc
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: EUROPE

FAT Elephant teleports at you and the horse, blocking you from moving or doing anything else. And why that crappy coded elephant always comes too close and blocking the view!? Can you make followers not to teleport directly on player and stay at least 10-20m away? Is that so hard to do? None told you before? Making endless updates (content with more new bugs actually) but not fixing old bugs is the problem of these devs, RLY.

  1. Ride a horse with following elephant (big follower)
  2. Ride some distance away from elephant or ride in some corner
  3. Elephant will teleport at yourself blocking you from moving
  4. Even if he doesn’t block you, he will come to close to obstruct your view

Game mode: Online official #1735
Server type: PvE
Region: US

My wife and I experience this same issue. The follower system is built around humanoids; pets, especially large pets, came later, and break the assumptions about how far away a follower should stay (a value which seems to be hard-coded rather than calculated based on 3d model size).

Solution: Make the game calculate the distance from the model’s centerpoint to the front of it, and then add that extra distance to ensure that it both follows and teleports/snaps a safe distance away. This will ensure that the creature does NOT crawl into the player’s camera AND will ensure that it does not snap right onto the player, trapping them with its collision. (This was seriously something that happened; my wife’s character was trapped inside the elephant and she couldn’t move out of it, nor could she move it because her camera was inside of it due to the snap. This could be FATAL when enemies are around!)

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Followup - wife reports that elephant FOLLOW DISTANCE is fixed, BUT:

  1. You only fixed it for the elephant, and not for others like rhinos, mammoths, camels, etc; and
  2. they still SNAP too close to the player when they teleport, enveloping the player and the camera in their mesh, so you’re stuck.

This is something they’re working to fix in the Testlive version. So the necessary changes are coming. For now, just work with it as best you can.

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