Elevator Auto-Down (or Auto-Up)

The doors have an auto-close system for quality of life and convenience, can we add the same to elevators? I have a massive tower with an individual elevator to each floor, and whenever someone forgets to “put the seat down,” so to speak, it’s a tad annoying. Almost as annoying as someone who uses the word ‘tad.’

I propose the ability to set an elevator to automatically go back down after 30 seconds of inactivity. You could also add the option to make it go back up automatically, but if I had to choose one over the other, I would choose auto-down because a.) gravity and b.) sliding down walls is easy enough, but climbing twenty levels is no small feat.

This small change could be very helpful to users who rely on long elevator rides for anything. Thank you for your consideration.

I try to build dual elevators for this reason. Even if no one realises that they can trivially leave one elevator at each end thereby making it easier for the next person, it does very slightly increase the chance that there will be one available when someone needs it.

Sadly, I’m not always successful at following my own advice in that respect… :stuck_out_tongue:

Good idea though. A “Set default position” radial option would help.