Elevator controls

Can we make it to where the eyes on the skull for the elevator only light up when the elevator is in motion. I cant be the only one who has activated it, wait 2 min, and then realize the elevator isnt comin down.


Same thing happens to me. Sometime the lever even goes down but the elevator doesn’t

That and allow elevators to be locked like chests

These stone age elevators are too safe, and reliable. I want my elevator to randomly stop, and not move at times, or better yet death fall from the cable snapping every so often, I want to be able to tell tales of ‘The days of HIGH elevator adventure’ in Conan Exiles.

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I dont agree with locking them, would make pvp too easy. As it is on my base if u try to blow up the entrance the elevator will be destroyed and u will fall to ur death. But then i gotta grind enough stone pillars to get back into my base and set another one.

And that elevator better not randomly fall lol. If i got back with an inventory full of stuff and randomly fell gettin back to my base, id be mad as anything

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I heard that they used to crush us dead if we stood under them while they descended but apparently don’t anymore?

The days of unintentional hilarity there. If I remember right, that was the case, along with a clipping issue that made it possible to fall off one randomly if you tried to have two people ride one together.

It was a pure honeypot trap of epic lawls to play a female avatar, lure a thirsty type on to the lift, then watch them fall like Icarus from the Sun as they drew too close to the fires of their lust… The best of times.

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