Oooops of the day – Elevator Horizontal

Good day!

Now I’m sure this was a problem for me in the past as I’ve installed quite a few but the rope has gone out of alignment. Health and safety warning now required!

I’ve scanned previous posts and found a similar one for pc in August of last year. Is this the same gremlin rearing it ugly head?

Ta ta for now,


Character: Nimue

Clan: The Knights of Ni

Server: The Lady of the Lake

Platform: PS4



Thanks for the heads-up. Contacting the Exiled Lands’ architects union about this situation.


@Ignasi Thanks for your assistance in this matter.

Sadly all work on site has now ceased, and the area in question has been cordoned off until further notice.

We’ll be in the cafe around the corner if you need us!

On a brief side note perhaps you could deliver some cones and heras fencing so we can cordon off other potential hot spots. Ooh and some yellow flashing lights!

Your help is much appreciated.

Safety first.


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