Elevators aren't removable

Game mode: [all]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type:
Region: [official 1111]

[Elevators became non-removable. Once you place them, they appear as damaged and can not be returned to inventory. can’t be fixed with repair hammer either.
Upd: the issue seems to be ONLY on this server. On pve-c server 1041 elevator is removable. I guess on others it is too

Place elevator
try to move it back to inventory

I have experienced this myself. Playing on server with mods though. Are you experiencing the issue on officials?

yes on official 1111

thank you. overlooked that part.

I experience this on my private server (modded), too.

Hey @KaiSasen

Can you provide a bit more of information so we can inform our team about this?
Do these affected elevators show 0 HP? Once the server restarts, could you check if the elevator can be picked up again?
Thanks in advance.

It was indeed fixed upon a restart and yes elevators showed 0 HP
It seems issue is known one

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Thanks for the confirmation @KaiSasen.
In this case, we’re aware of it and our team is looking into it.
Apologies for the frustration.

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