Emotes for Thralls

I am a little perplexed about some of the emotes you can make your thralls do.
Why are so many missing? My character can do so many more emotes than my thralls can.
I can understand the emotes with an animation that stops, such as the salute emote. But why does “squirm” not appear, for example?

Anyone have any clarification on this?


I’m looking forward to seeing more where I am playing now have not learned much will have to go to my server to see what is available. Let you know.

Jumped on my server some Emotes are not stupid but it is better than nothing. Glad we have some choices

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The sounds are also out of whack. When squirming, my character coughs, like she is smoking cigarettes. When submitting, the characters sound curious.

I had to banish one of my thralls from my base the other day, he would not stop coughing his lungs up.

It was ridiculous, it was so loud in comparison to anything else, and weirdly mirrored what’s happening at the moment with this damn pandemic.

Anyway, he’s in quarantine in the bushes until he gets better…or something nasty kills him.