Enable Double Tap to Dodge GONE from settings!

On testlive this option is no longer there, I really like this options, why remove it??? Is it going away for good or is it just something forgotten??? Please do not remove this from the game!


I wholeheartedly agree with and adamantly support this.

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Same here. Mapping it to a mouse button just isn’t cutting it for me… I’d LOVE for this function to return, please.

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Seriously…I’m not kiddng here.

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Oh. I had no doubts about your seriousness. I take this very seriously as well and have also written to support. I am also rather taken aback and somewhat worried that more players are not finding great issue with this.

I agree, please bring this option back!

Personally, I hated the ‘double tap’ to dodge effect. I kept it turned off for my game play and would much rather have it mapped to a mouse button. However, I respect that other players do not enjoy the same mechanics as I do. Therefore, I would support the option of a ‘double tap’ feature being returned, but keeping it optional (and keeping it ‘mouse-map’ -able).

Yes please put that back in. That was working great.

Hoping its back for release or soon after.

Stream acknowledged this they said they will work on it I believe something along the lines of the new combat system made it impossible to keep at the time but they can try and reinstate it later.