Using controller; analog stick randomly triggers dodge animation

I’m using a ps4 controller for this game and the analog stick sometimes triggers the dodge animation.
Not a huge issue, but it can be bothersome.

Is it possible to disable dodging, or maybe change how it works?
Is dodging important later on?

I guess this is in the wrong forum. You posted this in the Age of Conan category.

Age of Conan is correct lol

I know there’s a game called exiles for ps4, but it’s not that one i’m playing. this is meant for age of conan

I never thought AoC could be played with a controller… how is this even possible with all the keys you need?

As for the dodging: I guess you mean the “side steps”, right? (normally happening when pressing any of the directional keys in quick succession). These can’t be disabled, I too wish they could, they are rarely useful or needed and sometimes extremely annoying (double tapping off a cliff) but sadly there is no option to disable or remove them.

I guess this happens because the movement of the stick is seen in the game’s perspective as if you would press a movement key two times - probably because the game isn’t optimized for controllers.

Double tapping is incredibly useful. It essentially cancels out the best crowd control in the game, allowing players to play around knockbacks. I don’t know how that is “rarely useful”.

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controller is really good. i get 46 slots on my hotbar. insta access, really comfortable. no stretching or twisting the fingers.
so i really hope i can find a smooth fix for this side stepping :joy:

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ugh, was hoping it would be useless, but now i feel like i’ll be missing something if i get rid of it. thanks tho

i think it was the ‘pressing in quick succession’ thing that caused it. i changed the settings for my analog stick and now it seems to be completely gone! thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah I totally forgot about that lol
I always use double taps to avoid kicks, maybe it’s such a usual thing for me that I didn’t think about that though right now I can’t think of any PvE encounter that requires a side step, you can take every kick at any encounter without wiping as far as I know (because it’s animation canceling and kind of buggy to be honest). Obviously, things can get easier with this trick.

PvP is a different question, I don’t play it but I guess without the double tap you will be inferior in many situations.

@Lord_Mack I still wonder how you even access the hotbars, are you moving the mouse pointer with one of the sticks? I have never seen someone play a MMO with a controller so I got no clue how that works :smiley:

Oh yeah for PvE it probably is a lot less useful. In PvP though it’s amazing.

The double tap that gives a chance of immunity can be used by aggro-holding tank in the tier5 Vistrix fight to prevent the funeral flames dot from being applied to the tank group …saving tank lives if they are out of bubbles etc and low on life. I used to do that fight with a tank who’d always try to get the double tap immunity and it’d work for him often enough to justify him trying.

I download wowmapper, which is a program made to play wow with controller.
It pretty much sets everything up automaticly, although i do customize it a little bit.
Left analog is movement, right analog is mouse/camera.
Cross, square, triangle and circle buttons are F5, F6, F7, F8 i think.
Directional buttons are F1, F2, F3, F4.
And then you have the shoulder buttons L1 and R1, they are F9 and F10.
Start and select buttons are F11 and F12.
Trigger buttons L2 and R2 are set to be shift and ctrl, which is how i get so many slots.
So i keybind F1-F12 on first hotbar and maybe a few basic actions like item pick up and targeting.
I of course have the attack directions on my directional buttons :sunglasses:
And then i keybind shift+F1-F12 to the second hotbar.
Ctrl+F1-F12 on third hotbar.
And finally i keybind shift+ctrl+F1-F12 on the fourth hotbar.
So when i want to use skills and access other hotbars than the first one, i just hold one of the trigger buttons or both of them while pressing the basic buttons.

damn, and i’m a tank too.
i know i can make this work with a keybinding program, but ugh, don’t really want to bother.
will probs try to double tap with the joystick at first, but it’s probs going to be clunky

wait i’m confused, this actually works? is this even comfortable to play with a controller??

It’s a “nice when it works but not essential “ type of thing … so if it drives you nuts then don’t. And now you’ve adjusted the controller so it’s not activating when you don’t want it, it might be easier to figure out how to do it reliably when you do want it.

I find the double tap forward before a melee hit to be useful as it has a chance to stun your enemy with the next melee hit … the more points in the AA passive ability “empowered momentum” the higher the chance of it happening. Couple that stun double tap with a combo finisher that deals damage to multiple enemies -> they ALL get stunned. A friend said he got about 12 stunned one time by grouping them up and doing this. I could get 6 stunned easily.
Also this double tap forward stun is useful in some fights to stun the enemy which interrupts their casts … such as the adds in tier 3, the overlord and oblibiator spawned in tier 3 Thoth-Amon fight, the adds in refuge of the apostate etc.

the double tap backwards can prevent you from being knocked backwards off your feet … I used to like to try and stop the world bosses who do kb from getting me by using that during the fights …satisfying when I get the timing right and I’m standing when everyone around me is on their butts.

The only time I tend to use the sideways double tap isn’t to activate the immuniy chance but in the last boss fight of the six man instance “Ardashir Fort” in Coast of ardashir zone. This fight requires you to
A) remove a stacking damage buff randomly put on you by the boss in the add phase by double tapping …I think it’s sideways only but others may say otherwise
B) to quickly be out of the bosses cast “necrotic gaze” zone and then to quickly double tap back in front of her so the group is quickly close together again so a healer can use the frontal cone Steadfast Faith spell on everyone when necessary…and often it’s needed immediately after the necrotic gaze cast.

Last boss in Ardashir Fort. :wink:

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yeah, not only does it work but it works very well!
much more comfortable than keyboard, you should try it :slightly_smiling_face:
it was pretty much plug and play once i installed the wowmapper program

this is really nice to know!
i’ll play with it a little during the lower levels then, and later i can git gud and stun the sh*t out of everyone :muscle:

is there any template you can upload which has the mappings? would be awesome