Using controller; analog stick randomly triggers dodge animation


hm, not sure about that.
i only downloaded the wowmapper program and changed the ctrl and shift buttons to L2 and R2.
oh, and i changed the analog sensitivity so i didn’t sidestep by mistake.

link to wowmapper program (only need the installer exe)

(btw this is my last allowed reply for today, since i’m a newbie)


Hey u get evades + immunity with Double taps, with some class buffs stacked with these can be useful :wink:
or even double tap stun in t3 adds when you know that those scrubs in rf won’t use cc’s :expressionless:


Yeah, it’s true and I totally agree, they got their useful moments.

But nothing is more annyoing than double tapping off some cliff into an abyss because you accidently pressed A or D 2 times… I stopped counting how often that happened… especially in Chaos… :smiley:

I wish I could enable / disable them whenever I wanted with some macro.


you should play some lost temple mini game and jump into lava countless of times


In the few times I tried PvP and played on that map that actually happened probably once every match due to some misused side step xD


If you use both hands with movement/camera how do you use combo/spells, etc? Especially in pvp where you have to move/turn/combo in the same time. I’m just trying to understand since I’ve never used joystick for AoC. Thanks


i read this, and when i thought about it i couldn’t explain it myself :joy:
it’s just something i’ve been doing automaticly without thinking about it.
when i look at the controller while doing it, there is a lot of thumb action going on.
like if i need to chase someone while pressing directional buttons, the right thumb will automaticly stretch over both joysticks and hold the direction and even adjust camera if needed.

thinking about it, it will probs be more efficient to move the directional attacks over to the circle, square and triangle part of the controller


I really like the idea of using a DS4, but I dont see it being plausible for some of the skill heavy classes. You already have 5 buttons locked for directional hits, maybe you can cut 1 or 2 out depending on class. Like a Conq you will have to have frenzy, defensive, at least a couple dif techniques if not all 3, and the disciplines, potions, and then all the combos and abilities. Maybe you can get all the things keyed up, I still wonder if moving and hitting at the same time are any easier? Then what started this whole topic being able to doubletap when you need. Also what do you do for targeting?

I played Ffxiv for a bit and used a controller so I have experience with it, but I recently tried it again and the targetting system with a controller was horrible. Maybe its just that game, but hitting the “tab” button combo would bounce around so much it was a pain to get the actual target I wanted. AoC isnt as target sensitive for melee though so again maybe not an issue here.


i used to be a hardcore ff14 player :sunglasses:
only a little bored with it since last raid tier, so now i’m on age of conan vacation ;o

targeting always bothered me in that game, for years i was having problems.
then i found out you can cycle the enmity list using L1+d-pad and everything was from there on a piece of cake.
it was just insane how such a small, fairly hidden feature changed the game for me.
also i had a targeting macro on my hotbar, /targetnearestenemy.
that was pure gold!

in this game i also use target nearest on cross button, and i think target previous on L1 to simulate my ff14 setup as much as possible.
but it looks like i can pretty much hit anything whenever i want without targeting, so i’m not really sure how i should use it yet (probs when i get to the dungeons and have to aggro-grab stray enemies)

i’m not too worried about skill heavy classes, but i also don’t know what it’ll be like.
if i get my conq up to level 80 and i see that i have 50+ different weaponskills, buffs and tank stances, and that i need instant access to each and everyone of them, i’ll just remap R1 button to Alt button and gain another hotbar :joy:

not sure about how the movement part will turn out.
i don’t think it’s easier than keyboard and mouse.
even after i finish tweaking it, it will probs still be a significant disadvantage in pvp.
you can do some very sharp turns using a mouse.
on a controller you’d need very high sense to be able to keep up, and playing like that is ugh…
have to see how the pvp will go when i find some high level people who knows what they are doing.


I think xbone elite controller could have enough buttons to be able to run more things. The extra buttons at the back would certainly help.