End of all hope boss wont respawn

Game mode: online server pvc
Problem: bug
Region: asia

Farming end of all hope boss and got the respawn a few times but then is went through the floor and hasnt respawned since. Its been about an hour.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @Jjfanrb, thank you for reaching out!

We’ve registered the issue for the developers to look into, it’s possible that the boss is temporarily stuck under the map but if you leave the area for a while or show up after the next daily server restart it should spawn back correctly.

Did it simply clip through the floor as it spawned or was it caused by some attack or animation?

At least you have it spawning, I just checked this boss and its gone from the server I play. Somebody build a base in the river on top of that area and disturbed the boss spawn.

Bosses that drop unique gear should NEVER despawn, one person has pretty much damaged the whole server building where it should not. The Skittering Cave runs underground his base location, so there is a chance this person is not even aware of the damage he has done.

I hope this is fixed somehow

I don’t believe most of the people realize they are breaking spawning points.

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Yes, specially when the creatures are not there but in a hidden cavern underground.


Last time i said that the real problem in this game is the players that build in crucial spawning areas, or in important knowledge areas and not in the ready buildings, they call it undermash, i don’t care, everyone was throwing ‘stones’ on me. Now, that you invest so much playtime in this server and you cannot finish your game, how do you feel, is it fair? This my friend, don’t fool yourself, it is not a funcom error, it is just a trolling attitude from some j… ks.

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