Endless Fish and Honey question

This seems like a dumb thing to ask, but is there a way to set fish traps and beehives to only make stuff when you put in the requisite materials (like insects into the fish trap and bees into the hives) or will I just be overflowing with Fish and Honey?

over flowing.

I think in the fish traps, one tactic we used to troll alphas was put 1 stone/wood in each slot in the traps. If the inventory was full, it would not produce. Do not know if this is still a thing lol.

There was a time that the traps and hives were item to resource set, but I think the cost for honey by constantly gathering greens made it a strain to have a source of honey. The traps where set up to only give fish when certain critters were placed. While this is still setup, you do not need to feed these to get resources over time.

If you want to role-play, you can pause the traps and hives and only turn them on when you put bugs or bees in them and turn them off after crafting is finished.

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