Change certain ratios when fishing changes go live

With the planned changes to fishing requiring baits etc, will we see changes to the 50:1 ratio of Oil > Blood in the Derketo shrines transmutate etc since oil will be harder to farm?

I’ve been looking around, but I don’t see any fishing changes coming. Can you point me in the right direction? If it is something already deployed to testlive, I can safely say that oil is easier to farm than water. I have 50 fish traps and I use about 1/3 for oil, 1/3 for ichor and the rest I rot for my compost bins. I end up with about 5000 oil a day, based on those ratios.

What I do notice is my fish catch rate increases if I don’t clear my traps every day. I like to hold them for 3-5 days and my catch is huge.

I have never used a single bait.

Saw it in a youtube video a few months back about changes to the way beehives & fishing traps work.
From what I remember you were going to need both a Queen Bee + several worker bees to make honey, the queen bee would stay but the worker bees would be changed into honey over time.
As for Fish traps, from what I remember, they showed & said that fish traps were goingg to need to be baited with things like bugs/fat grubs etc rather than just placing them down and automatically catching fish over time.

Ah, I see. Well, that would be pretty inconvenient. Massive grind to get enough bugs for fishing. For honey now, when I add queens and workers, ALL of them vanish, to be replaced with lots of extra honey. I find it much easier to just make a few extra hives and not do bees at all. But, I get way too much honey anyway. I just don’t cook much.

Bees help hives to generate honey faster. You put them in, and you’ll see stacks of honey begin crafting similar to when you add the appropriate ingredients to a compost heap. However, even if you don’t add bees, hives will still generate honey at the slower normal rate.

Likewise, when you add bugs to a fish trap, it will begin to “craft” fish of the appropriate type at a much faster rate. For instance, “handful of insects” will generate unappetizing fish at an accelerated rate. As with hives, even if you don’t put bait in a trap, it will still catch all 3 types of fish as normal.


Ahh ok, then that answers a lot of questions :smiley:

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So obviously @Larathiel gave a nice detailed description of how it works, but I wanted to clear up any confusion for anyone reading this or yourself.

What you describe was a potential change that was on testlive back in September. Based on player feedback and testing results, it was changed to what we have now and finalized in the October pet patch.

Therefore, there isn’t any planned changes, it was already planned, altered, and implemented several months ago.


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