No fish in nets!

Is it intended to not get any fish in hte nets? Should we now farm insects for it to work? If, it will take for ever to get oil, i have started to farm coal to burn in furnaces and etc.


Yes, it is listed somewhere in the patch notes. Fish traps now require insects, fat grubs, worker bees or queen bees as bait. Different baits provide increased chances of catching the different types of fish.

They’ve also flipped the oil production around (so now 1 exotic fish gives 1 oil, but you need 10 unappetizing fish for 1 oil).

And currently ichor production from fish/shellfish does appear to be bugged - it’s supposed to have been changed to come from exotic fish, but that isn’t working right now. (Not sure if exotic shellfish are supposed to as well or not). Currently using a pick on spiders/locusts is generally your best bet for ichor. (which is no longer needed for stone consolidant, but is still needed for alchemic base).

In RL you get fish from net without puttin on some bate, well well. If they gona mess it up llike this they could make the droprate better for insects, bees and bee queens. It is better to use wood or coal as petrol now.


I have worked many years as a professional fisherman doing it for a living on different sized ships in my younger years, and while it is true that nets do not require bait, they do however require a lot of other work and maintainance in order to be functional, but here we are talking about fish traps which generally require bait in order to catch anything besides a random confused fish, we never used fish traps for anything but lobster and crabs, and they required bait to, also they never captured more than one or a few at a time.

Comparing game mechanics to real life is always a bad thing, real life is very different and often more complicated requiring a lot more work to get a comparable result to what a game offers.
That said I agree it needs some balancing, either a better outcome from bait and possibly a lot longer fish decay time in the traps, but I understand what they are trying to do, fish traps just like bee hives has been a free passive resource for way too long + the devs say that huge amount of fish traps have a rather large impact on server performance.
Yes oil is now a too expensive to be used as fuel, but dry wood and coal are easily accessible alternatives that while requiring some time/work to get, they are still a pretty good fuel source, besides it never really felt right(realistic?) using oil as fuel in a campfire or furnace - It’s all about balancing the game while keeping it fun, challenging and immersive/believable(better words than realistic) :wink:


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