Question on fishing

Do you catch more fish if you put insects in the traps? Same thing for crab fishing?

If you put insects you catch a specific type of fish, the one that produces 1:1 oil/ichor. If you don’t put insects, it catches fishes at random. Same for the shellfish traps. If you use grubs in the shellfish trap you get lobsters which are a good snack.

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Does anyone know if there’s good bait for the special fish you catch in the improved fish traps?

I’ve been experimenting with the improved fish traps and as far as i can see there doesn’t seem to be a specialist bait for the rare fish types. If anyone knows differently I dearly would love to know as at the moment it’s a bit like playing the lottery trying to get specific rare fish.


Yeah either that or you gotta have like a hundred traps

I know I got 24 traps goin and I’m lucky if I pull out a stack of each fish per day and with all the crashing you gotta rebuff ever time you reload so I might actually use a stack of each per day and during the lulls. When the action gets heavy you could go through a lot more.

"all the crashing"seems to be more of a problem then the fishtraps?

I really have like perhaps one crash a month (if any) and usually it’s an external error more then CE crashing.

It seems to me that when you use insects it produces unappetizing fish 1:1 AND catches random fish at the same time. You just get what you get with empty trap plus guaranteed quantity of this one fish.

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I don’t know a good bait , don’t think there is one , though I can tell you , you want to go look out your fish traps first thing you do when you log in , you’ll see a lot more fishes in this period , than after , especialy when you emptied them the day before :wink:

Build 50 traps and you’ll get all the fish you need, and more. No need to overthink this.

You’re probably on PC. I’m on XBox live. The last gen Xboxes (I.e. not the X)don’t handle Conan very well But it’s my opinion that should have been warned somewhere on the screen where I clicked to buy the game and all DLC…at full price

It wasn’t this bad prior to the recent nerf/return of the gods. Before all that I could get maybe 2 hours of decent gameplay (sometimes) before it would crash

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