Improved Fish Traps & Shellfish Traps

Hi all. I recently learned how to and subsequently built myself some Improved Fish Traps and Shellfish Traps after clearing the Sunken City. When I first checked them I saw the same old fish I usually do in the standard ones, and thought hmmm…they must just produce fish a little faster, which I admit I found a bit underwhelming. However, the second time I checked the Improved Fish Trap it also had an Eel and a Dogfish(?) In it! I was quite excited, so I decided to leave them there for now and see what else it can catch. However, I went back there to check on them last play session, and realised to my frustration that not only had my Eel and Dogfish had disappeared, but it had produced nothing else unique or new. Ugghhh!! Furthermore, my Improved Shellfish trap has produced no new or unique shellfish; just the same ones as the regular trap.

Ok, so I am wondering if someone can better explain to me the parameters and possibilities of these Improved traps? Do the new fish/shellfish just have a really short decay time, or are they bugged in some manner? The Wiki doesnt really delve into what they produce or how often, so can anyone give me a quick 101 on these Improved Traps? Cheers.

I don’t have them yet, but I would try with every bug :bug: or possible bait on them.

The problem with the new fish traps is that stacks are produced slower since there are more fishes to get, which causes stacks of 1 to just decay putting it back to 0. The best way to use the fish traps is to have more of them and leave alone for a few days to get full stacks, but the new fishes won’t be guaranteed. If you want to collect the new fishes just try to collect them specifically whenever you can. The fishes that give Hardy and Stamina buff are also currently bugged.


the new fish traps allow u to catch better fish which when cooked gives buffs (check the “food” section in the wiki). besides that the inventory is larger allowing them to catch more fish when left unattended for longer. the new shellfish traps just have larger inventory, at least for now.

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Ok then looks like that is the current plan then. Thankyou joshdirect.

So no new shellfish types at this point in time. Ok thanks for that Narelle (again!).

The decay timer on the new fish is really short hopefully the devs can lengthen it especially for the catfish


Yeah I began to suspect this may be the case, and now it seems to be all but confirmed. My new approach will be to take any of the new fish out and put them straight into the Preservation Box as soon as I see them. Kind of a shame, as I like to let my catch build up then take stock of the overall size of the haul before emptying my traps. Weird I know.

Yes I had to place a preservation box nearby to get the new fish inside quickly

Wow that quickly Strider…!? Exactly how short is their decay time?

Catfish is like 2mins another think groper is 5mins the others inbetween 2-5mins


My fishery isn’t close to my base have to run up a hill to get to my base since I only had 1 catfish couldn’t make it to my base … timer starts once fish is caught in trap so timer is counting down while in trap so you have to get them quickly

Holy mackrel, no wonder why they were gone when I checked my trap the second time around, this is going to be a game of chance trying to catch them in time. Thanks for telling me this Strider, much appreciated. :+1:

No problem glad to help but they need to extend the decay timer hate standing there waiting to grab them throw them in the fridge then go back empty all my traps go outside dump all the fish so I know the new ones will spawn again and continue doing this till I get a few stacks of each one and they only stack up to 20

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Also you be lucky if anyone of them stack up to 3 while in the traps before the first starts decaying so get them while there’s 1 or 2 in the traps

to be fair, these fishes are way too op and the short decay timer is justified. instead of making all these expensive elixirs and potions, you can just pass by the fish traps and collect your buffs.

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The new fishes are op but they decay very fast, being rares in the long run the trap will capture only old ones.

Understood, that explains why the first time I placed them I captured few new fish speciments, but when I let the traps for a day than they was full only of the oldest ones.

So they are op but also they require you actually catch them, it’s balanced. Good to know, thanks you guys :+1:

I’m playing on official PvP and using this new fish for fighting. I have never experienced any of these problems. My original plan was to empty my 9 improved fish traps every day. I stopped doing this because I got enough fish to completely fill an improved preservation box every time. I also didn’t experience the problem with the short timer. Getting back to my base takes me about to minutes, going back the elevators another 2 or three, so let’s say 5 in total. I never saw one of them decay. Especially after cooking.
Do you play on official servers or maybe with an highly increased spoiling rate? Make sure to check that out in your server settings.

I just put all the traps in a large Well. Close to my base. Guarded by aminals and guards. The fish are great and I didnt bother with the shellfish as I cant see a reason for shellfish much these days. Other than one shellfish trap. I dont play as much as I used too. So I always come back with tons of fish.

But they are good. I like then very much.