Fish Bait and Improved Fish Trap

I like and welcome the change to the new fish traps with having to place bait into them. This will really slow down the amount of oil one clan can get in a reasonable amount of time. This might not fix the problem entirely with the Derketo Shrine shield being able to be created and spammed over and over but it will at least slow it down while you hopefully figure out a permanent problem to turning oil into manifestations. But beyond that, just the pure aesthetics of having to place bait in the traps is nice.

However, I think you should not use bugs. There should be a new crafting item. Stinkbait. Bread, honey and dried berries all mixed together to It will have a good hour and a half rot span. Max stack is 20, so that is just about 24 hours if you put a max stack in. Which is perfect, you bait your traps when you log in and harvest the previous days catch. Which is what you would do in real life, so that way you don’t have to baby sit with food, it’s easy enough to make and with the new fertilizer changes you will be able to grow your own leavening agent in base and have a farm so it won’t be that bad. This change should also incorporate a improved fish trap. It can be a bit costly, I was thinking layered silk and insulated wood with some star metal. But it will be nice and big and have lot’s of room. Something along the lines of this I am thinking image

Rather than introduce a new recipe … which again the mass-farmers would just do in 1000s I’d prefer other options
But if you want Stinkbait … then bread + blood + putrid meat … only craftable in a campfire or bonfire (cause you know it’s so noxious it would spoil any food and stink out the room if you made it in a stove) … as bread+dried berries+honey sounds like a tasty combination

For other options I have the following thoughts:

putrid meat as a bait item for the shellfish traps
Or perversely use human flesh as bait in the shellfish traps and as bait for exotic fish (they kinda of look like barracudas)
Bait the fishtraps with cooked crab, lobster or prawns for the savoury fish/exotic fish
Bait the shellfish traps with cooked fish (one type or multiple) for the shellfish
Bait the shellfish traps with dried fish
Bait the fish traps with dried meat

And add ways that we can get handfuls of bugs, fat grubs and bees for that matter other than by hand-gathering which will give reasons for people to utilise the planters, compost heaps, pet pens more frequently BUT not OP and still have hand-gathering faster if you want to do it en-masse. But a way for those who aren’t into mass-farming to make a less tedious steady production of the bait.
Eg: chance of bees spawned whilst growing plants
Bees spawning into the decorative planters periodically
Dung left in the pens or compost bins degrading and giving chance of handfuls of bugs being left behind
Chance of Fat grubs spawning whilst compost is being made, with a higher number being made if making potent compost
low chance of a fat grub spawning if putrid meat decays and disappear

Stinkbait does not have to be stinky. Contrary to the name it just has to have a strong smell. Sweet or stink it will work.

I had thought, bread honey and berries would be good as the berries and bread have a decay timer and putrid meat and blood do not. Well putrid has one but it is a long time. They would have to incorporate that into the how long the decay timer would be for the bait. Don’t want the bait to last for like 12 hours now. That would defeat the purpose of having to make and refresh it constantly.

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