Reduce brick and harden brick cost

Hardened brick is as easy or easier than insulated wood in testlive. You need to bait fish traps to get fish now for the oil. Ichor was never really a problem. You can get tons of ichor from going to the Swungle and harvesting komodos with a pick. Komodos are much better sources than spiders.

Yeah Hardened brick isn’t that hard to make, making the Stone Consolidant is easy with plenty of Ichor from the fish.
I’ve noticed that actually most things in my Furnace aren’t giving me any XP

Yeah, I don’t count on anything to give me xp unless it’s done from the inventory, like twine. Not sure if that’s intended or not.

Hey funcom is this a bug or a feature?

Funcom : yes

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It’s not the stone consolidant it’s the fact that it takes 10 stone to make 1 brick. 15 hard bricks vs 5 Black ice. You can literally farm black ice up in the thousands at a time and boom it’s done.

They need to make it so that it’s a 2 to 1 conversion for brick and that would solve the problem. I would say either lower the cost of hard brick as well by half or raise the cost of black ice for the feat.

You obviously have not seen what’s in store with fish traps in the next patch.

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I have and I have already thought about and it have made a suggestion. Here

Fish traps still work without any bait attached. DEVs said it was a bug that they dont give random fish. So the oil once patched will be the same as always.

Just give up Black-Ice is KING your DLC is worthless. I have made 10’s of thousands of Black-Ice. Once you get sick of it and want to puke just from looking at it it kinda grows on you in a demented kinda f’d up way.

They would rather slit their throats then make any other block = to Black-Ice. After months of hundreds of posts about this they would have corrected it by now if they intended too.

BTW the numbers I did on Black-Ice to Hardened Brick Shows it takes 5-6 times longer to make Hardened Brick. You could add 10 things to Black-Ice and it would still be quicker to make (Except for Hardened Brick that is).

I am sceptic to believe they will do something about that even I would like if they did.

As the latest “balancing” proofs it is all about making stuff harder while, at the same time, server settings like material cost do not work.

Sure it is a bug, as it is a bug that on TestLive Thralls just eat specific food, but not all the same specific food for all types, no: Fighters have different preferences to Entertainers.

I am not a programmer but basic logic dictates that it takes longer to set specific food to specific Thralls than assigning all food to be eaten by them.

As it goes for the fish-trap “bug” I would assume them refering that just one type of fish is “produced” now, not all randomly.
Maybe you could like that statement about fish-traps still working without bait?
This would relief me somehow.

Where did they say this? Because to me that’s pretty big news. Especially if the damn thralls will start eating fish.

I got it from someone who said it was on the dev stream but dont quote me. As far as how truthful that is idk.

All right, I’ll assume it’s a rumor until something concrete and quotable shows up (preferably in writing).

The fish traps use bait on TestLive and the only change they’ve stated making to that in the next build is:

  1. instead of 5 bait per fish, it’ll be a 1-1 ratio
  2. Instead of just unappetizing fish, it’ll be random

It occurred to me last night as I was mining stone, that I go out of my way now to avoid accidentally hitting iron and coal nodes.
To the point where I get cranky with myself for wasting the inventory and furnace space.


The thing I had expected was for Smelters and Tanners to work the same way as other bench thralls. T4 thralls generally cut the costs in half, meaning it would be 5 stone per brick. I think this is a totally fair thing to implement, bringing it in par with the other crafters.


I agree totally. I and a lot of others have been saying this for months now.
The fact that their has been no comment from the devs on this, combined with the oil for insulated wood makes me think its intended.

Makes think about not buying the next dlc if its made with bricks. I’ll never be able to build with it.

Honestly, the Khitan DLC should have been insulated wood like Black Ice. It has a wood look to it, not a whole lot of stone… :crazy_face:

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What I said earlier is confirmed by FireSpark81 video interview with Joel Bylos part 2

starting from 3:12 Joel confirms having no bait in the fish trap will still produce random fish. Adding bait will just give specific fish.

I am a solo player on an official (1x) server. I have limited playtime, so all in all I’m probably as slow as it gets in this game in terms of gathering.

I can build with hardened brick (which means I can build DLC stuff. And I do. Aquilonian is pretty!). It’s slow, granted, but entirely doable. I see no pressing reason to make it easier. If other building materials are too easy to get (the much maligned black ice for example) then by all means look at making that slightly harder. But bricks and hardened bricks are fine the way they are now IMO.