Food changes prevent ichor fish farming

Game mode: Single Player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: All Types
Region: United States

With the Isle Of Siptah patch, it’s now functionally impossible to use fish traps and shellfish traps to farm unappetizing fish / shellfish for Ichor. I’ve left 10 fish traps and 10 shellfish traps out for a couple of hours, and received 51 total unappetizing critters over that span. The reason is that the unappetizing fish and shellfish decay almost as fast as they’re caught (on average) so the traps remain mostly empty of them.

Either don’t start the decay timer until they’re removed from the trap, or turn the decay time back up so that they can be caught in numbers.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Build large numbers of fish and shellfish traps
  2. Place them on the river bed
  3. Wait
  4. Check the traps.
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This doesn’t solve your problem, but might help. You can put insects in the traps and they will “cook” blue fish.

I (and other players on my server) have noticed that fishtraps are not as productive as they used to be for exactly this reason.

With 8 traps, I get about 250 unappetizing fish every 24 hours.

When you say single player, do you mean that you’re playing solo offline?

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I thought they were producing a little less than before, but had at this point just brushed it off as my imagination playing tricks. Been a while since I played last, so my frame of reference is a little foggy. Reading this though, it sounds like there’s something to it after all.

For us it was enough of a drop that we all agreed it was real once the subject came up, but none of us were confident until we compared notes in chat.

So, yeah?

Really, why should fish die and decay while being in a trap under water? One of my friends, recreational fisherman, told me that real fish can live in similar real traps FOR MONTHS.

The bugs are good to catch unappetizing shellfish too.

@Mad_David I see you are single player. Try increase the decay timer on the server settings tab.

Fish traps seem to yield low amounts on lakes/rivers but high amounts on ocean beaches.

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