More info about the fish traps in testlive

Rather than continue derailing the main patch thread, thought I’d start a fresh one.

For those interested in how the new fish traps system/bait is working, KiahOnFire has done much more intensive testing than I did and got some actual percentage chance info as well. @CodeMage @helium3 @Kittenykat since you guys seemed interested :slight_smile:

Some data does appear to have already changed from this slightly since the newest patch - Queen Bees are now producing exotic fish - which fits with what Ignasis said about Queen Bees and Worker Bees having changed as bait - but the overall picture is much clearer in her video than in what I was stumbling through.

(And Fat Grubs are not ‘unfarmable’ - my bad for over-reacting to the way they seemed to be counting down - they seem to build up in decent quantities if left for long enough).


Thanks for the ping. Unfortunately, this just confirms that the oil situation is pretty grim. Queen bees require a ton of farming. :confused:

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They really really really want us to go into testlive and provide feedback on fish/resin update.


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