Endless Patch Loop

Happened again. This is quite frustrating

ok but mybe try with no firewall and anti vire running
or try to restart your router so he get a nwe fresh connection

did you read this too ?

Yeah I read that.

Still crashing

I’m gonna reboot my router and see if that helps. I’ll brb in a few.

ok so you have try disable Firewall and Antivir Software, disable if exist a VPN and have restart your innternet conection ?

let me guess its happend with every toon you have

No VPN and yes I disabled them and tried. Still a no-go.

Every account I’ve tried so far crashes.

ok then i have no more ideas right now sorry :frowning:

So I can only forward you to the e-mail Ticket System

I’m gonna delete my Prefs folder and see what happens. It may be a bad file in there.

hope it works

Still crashed :rage:

that sad but then I think is the only way that could help is the ticket system or an other user has maybe a solution

I have a new ticket. Gonna browse the forums and see if anyone else had this issue to see if there’s a fix.

Thanks for your time and effort. I appreciate it.

you are welcome