Endless Patch Loop

I have been stuck in an endless patch loop on a fresh install of Win7 Ultimate. Any ideas why this is happening?

did you try install the patch manuell you can get the patches here ?

That’s the patch I’m stuck on.

which Patch exactly ?


Is there an 18.8.45?

no 18.8.44 should be the last one

but what happend exactly when you start the exe ?

It patches then patches again and again and again…

I tested by my self for me works. Maybe a fresh AO Install is an option.

It is a fresh AO install on a fresh install and patched Win7 OS

Wait …

Patching Complete.

Hopefully I can play now.

I cross the Fingers :slight_smile:

I’m going to copy/paste my saved Prefs and try to log in.
Crossing fingers, toes and eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

93MB. May take a cpl mins

Game crashed after selecting toon and hitting PLAY.
Same issue I had before I reformatted my PC

did you get an error message ?

The basic “You have been disconnected” message

did you try to turn off the firewall or/and anti vire software ?

I made an exception in my AV and firewall