Endless swimming?


Hey i just fightet yesterday a guy which was really boring…

We was fighting but then he tried to escape what did he ? yes he was swimming for a endless time becouse you can swimm without stamina… which is stupid… so i triet to kill him with a bow but the dmg is so low that he can just eat meat in the water and heal…


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You can use tools in the water. Kill him with a sickle.

Nah man, endless swimming makes transporting massive amount of resources up and down the river ten times faster

Skinning knife works good too.

aren’t javelins usable underwater ? I think they’re THE weapon for water.

Yes, that’s true. The problem is that they use stamina. Tools do not, thus you can attack a lot more before running out while swimming. Maybe the increased damage is worth it, I don’t know.

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