Stamina question

Is there anything I can use to reduce an enemies Stamina? (Ranged preferably)

Edit: If there isn’t anything in the game to “attack stamina”, would it be game breaking to have it implemented? Perhaps an arrow that debuffs stamina?

NPCs have infinite stamina. Players you need to use blunted weapons. Blunt weapon fittings do not deal stamina damage to player. You need to use truncheons, blunted javelins, or blunted arrows.

the love tap is a legendary truncheon that does massive stamina damage. Use a shield with it to maximize effectz there is a legendary weapon called sword of Crom that eats all your stamina in single swing. Even if you use the reduce stamina fitting. Equip this on a thrall.

Edit: Technically npcs have stamina aka torpor. Using any of them stamina draining weapons I have mentioned above will knock out an npc (animals not included) and you can drag them back to your base with a rope and oput them into a wheel of pain and convert them to be your thrall aka follower/guard

You won’t knock them out, but they won’t be able to attack you.

If you converted a thrall using this method you can then equip the thrall with these stamina draining weapons so you can deal normal damage, or vise-versa

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Thanks for the info. I was interested in Blunted Arrows as a means to drain stamina from swimming hostiles.

Npcs will not swim. Also playes who have no stamina while In the water do not drown. Your stamina drains while swimming anyway.

K last question I think… Is stamina needed to place bombs underwater?

Stamina is never needed to place buildings anywhere. (Bombs are considered buildings)

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Place able thralls are considered buildings as well in that aspect. Anything that is place able for that matter, never needs stamina to be placed, anywhere. There are just certain places certain thing cannot be placed. Examples are nothing can be placed in or too close to dungeons. Anything fire related can’t be placed underwater.

Sorry. I meant trigger. When you light the fuse on a bomb, does that require stamina?

Not at all

You can bump into a bomb to light it

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