Truncheon in PVP

Anyone use the new truncheon for PVP purposes?

All truncheons including the love tap now deal stamina damage to players.

We tested a normal weapon with the blunted fitting and they don’t take stamina damage. Tried truncheons with spiked fittings and damage kits and they do take tremendous amount of stamina damage but very little Heath damage.

But just curious to see if anyone’s used this in a real fight, yet?

Interesting find, but I have never tried.

My girl had max grit. I had max strength. She used all the potions notes elixirs that boost grit. I did the same for strength. She had all the grit heavy armor. I had the same for strength. I had her at 0 Stam in 4 hits.

That’s disappointing they didn’t cover blunt attachments for PVP. I recall when I first got the game I put a blunt attachment on a 2her mace and couldn’t figure out for a while why I was knocking NPCs out.

Point being is blunt attachments should drain stamina on players in PVP.

Completely agree. Although it’s funny to wack a player with the love tap now.

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