Enemies teleporting , thralls teleporting, only in one server

Game mode:Online official
Type of issue: Performance, teleporting enemies, and not in all servers. only in 1
Server type: PvP
Region: Europa
Hardware:PS4 SLIM

Bug Description: First of all , not always happens and it happen me in 3201 server of ps4. I see all enemies teleporting, i see my friends teleporting , my stamina go down like 10 to 10 and not slowly. I see the thralls teleporting to me when they follow me . I see the enemies running in one direction and then they teleport to me …

A clear and concise description of what the bug is.

Steps to Reproduce:

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  1. Join the server
  2. Run
  3. You see how your stamina go down like 10 to 10 and not 1 to 1
  4. You se your friends teleporting or running in one direction and then teleporting

You can send a ticket to Zendesk with all the information you have. Introductory pages have information to make a report. You will probably have to spend some time on the Forum so they know you are not a bot. Are your friends having the same issues. Welcome to the Forum by the way.

Hi and welcome!

Most of this problems you described can be because of bad Internet connection.
It could be related to your bandwidth or a bad ping.

If you don’t have any connection issues on your side it doesn’t mean that your connection to the server is good.

Your server region is Europe and you are in Europe?

If its a server side problem then your friends should have the same issues. Like sestus mentioned you can ask over zendesk more specific and with more informations about your account and clan. But if nobody else have this problems I don’t think that they can help.

How your playstation is connected? WiFi? Maybe try temporarily a cable connection.

That’s little deep but it also could be a to high mtu on your PlayStation network settings.
It’s 1500 by default. With my old provider and modem i had to lower it down to 1450.
This is a setting which shows you when you select the manual network settings.

Hello, it isnt my conexion because i conect my ps4 with cable connection and it goes laggy, its not lag , its enemies teleporting there is a video in that you can see it , i send the video name: Conan exiles enemies teleporting. Channel: Nick. It isnt my channel.
is an example on xbox so it happens too in some xbox players

I logged in into your server and I can confirm that there is something not ok.
Even if I open the menu or inventory I have a super lag.
The enemy’s not that bad like in the video you mentioned (Conan Exiles Enemies Teleporting - YouTube) but its teleproting some times. Saw that in the first five minutes after I arrived to the river.

What was nice i was attacked by crocodile while swimming in the river… It would be awesome when they lern to swim :joy: but that’s not the normal behavior so there is something wrong.

Also I try to cook some meat but it’s instantly decayed to aboned meat or however its called in english.

Don’t tell anybody who is saying here pvp is dead, that there are currently 34 players online…

But maybe that’s the problem…

Whats also funny… When I search for the name I found a second server with the same name but it has no tick at the official column so I think its not official but someone give exactly the same server name…


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