Teleportation lag on ps4

I am experiencing an issue where every entity (players, npcs, animals, ect.) doesn’t move normally. They run in place then teleport every 5-10 seconds. It’s a serious problem because I can’t see where my friends are really going, see if there’s enemies, or see if something is attacking me. I have great internet speed and connection. I have tried restarting, uninstall&reinstall, rerouting the database, nothing works and it’s been happening for 2 days now.

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You must have excellent connection speed to uninstall and reinstall within a two day window. This game is huge.

What mode are you playing in?
Single Player? Official or Private server?

Official PVP server. Also yeah I use LAN so the connection speed is fast. Only took a few hours. My brother plays oh his PS4 and his game runs fine. I tried switching to wifi and it didn’t work, so it’s not a connection issue it’s just something wrong with the game. All my other games run completely fine.

Your brother is on the same server as you?

Have you attempted running the game in solo offline to see how it goes?

Most likely little can be done on the forums here, but it’s always good to have the ducks in a row before submitting a Zendesk report.

No it’s not there in single player… hmmmm

This usually means the server you are playing on needs a reboot. Since its official, you’ll need to use Zendesk for that. Or drop the server number in the thread and hope someone sees it.

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Um. Is zendesk like something I contact?

Has all the information you’d need.

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