Enemy camp buildings respawning

I liked the real estate of the Narrowneck Span, so I decided that all of its thralls would be better suited to guarding the new palace I planned to build there. So, after cleaning out the area with a healthy amount of explosives, I set down a foundation for a pretty decent structure…and then the camp structures respawned. The thralls didn’t (which I knew would happen, and I’m okay with: there’s enough Darfari camps around the world that I did not feel like I would run out of anything), but I didn’t expect the enemy structures to.

I’m still playing around with the server settings, but is there one that would limit or stop enemy structures from respawning, but not do the same for enemy thralls/NPCs/creatures? Just curious.

I don’t see anything in the ini files that would affect NPC structure respawns.

About the only thing I can think to do is plop down enough blocks on top of the site to completely cover the structures (which is…oddly fitting, given the intent). Still, it would be nice to find a way to keep them from reappearing in much the same way other things don’t respawn once ‘ownership’ is set in an area.

I remember early on in EA the buildings wouldn’t respawn if players built too close, so they changed it.
They really should add in a setting to toggle this.

Perhaps I’ll throw a request into suggestions, though I don’t think it’d get their attention. Plus, I imagine they have their focus on other things (understandably). Still…this is Conan! If I want to crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and whatnot, I should be able to salt their fields, yes!?

Maybe that’s what I failed to do: I should have put down salt first.

Yeah they definitely have dozens, if not hundreds, of more important things to fix. But it couldn’t hurt to make the suggestion.

Salt to prevent the regrowth of buildings? That just might do it!

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“That is good!”

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