Energy or Destruction for Inverter offhand?

If using Blizzard and Crystallized Flame for Inverter offhand, would Destruction or Energy be the better option to maximize dps, and what kind of dps difference could I expect? Don’t tell me to get Havoc because I’m not spending 600k on an offhand

Anything but Energy. The description of “of Energy” states that it triggers off Power Attacks, and neither Flame (Special) nor Blizzard (Elite) are that.

Edit : Also, with those two abilities you only need 6 Energy over the course of 20 seconds and you regenerate 10 Energy naturally. “of Energy” is useless for this.

Neither matter, you’ll get at best 2 ticks of Blizzard with the Inverter’s affix (if you chain Blizzard -> Flame). Upon getting back to the mainhand, you’ll be using the mainhand’s affix. The affix basically matters more if you intend to use Ice Beam, for instance (which will still be a negligible portion of added extra damage, but you get the idea).

I thought they’d fixed that?

They changed the base damage scaling. Now, it snapshots off the elemental weapon itself when you put down the Blaze. Glyph and weapon affixes’ effects still remain dynamic. I at least tested it for the glyph, but it should be pretty much the same for the weapon affix.

Would not matter for energy/destruction/efficiency at all as those are triggered only with the first hit of persistent AOE skills and DOTs.

For inverter/frozen you choose between alacrity and havoc. With alacrity having much more use then the other. But it might depend if you ever use melee (then it’s pretty much no choice) or not (then it’s just an very useful option since havoc brings you almost nothing except small bonus for Ice Beam).

Destruction/energy will matter even less then warding. Even efficiency would bring you more then those.

so what you’re saying is that Destruction’s ability would only proc once for Flame and Blizzard and that Energy and Destruction are both useless for Inverter offhand?

This is what has been said, indeed.

then i can sell my Inverter of Destruction to recoup some of the cost of buying that 100k Inverter of Energy

or sell both and get alacrity… :slight_smile: