[DEMO] Havoc vs conflagration vs hybrid and usefull/less skills


I wonder which one is better because, the havoc has the highest DPS but really poor DPS boosting, the confl has a better DPS boosting that comes from the wave of flame and hellstream plus the DoT.

Then i think to go hybrid and use shockstrike plus wave of flame but then i lose a lot of dps from the boost because i don’t have enough skill points.

Pact of dread: still i don’t get how this skill works because the parse does not show the dmg it does. I should try with and without it and do some math but if it has already been discussed…

The real boost an havoc gets, with boost in dmg i mean the second higher damage you deal in plus to your first one, it is the pet.

gate of hell and imprish horse: never use these or seen anybody, they are totally a waste if you ask me, anybody has any use for them?

Let them burn: I find this skill quite good but it’s wasted if there are not many mobs, but a critical SW with shocktrickes can do much better, about the 40% more damage.

So i’m thinking about an havoc with wave of flame as boost plus the pet and pact of dread
And a confl with all his buffs and the mage tome and further magic damage.

Witch one could be better?


This is the spec I use on my demo: link

I made it for T5 (that’s the reason for Consume Flames and Overload), and since it had more than enough dps, I never changed it.

Fixed a mistake in the spec.


WoF: https://goo.gl/DYMVMU
FoG/Bindings: https://goo.gl/W6dMDG

For T5 Yakh I would also get Overloaded Shockblast as Yawgmoth said. Get Silver Twilight from T6/Slithering Chaos and you have all the mana you need. I do not see why you need more range on Shock and Shockstrike, but I guess it’s personal preference. Your pet actually deals quite decent damage, specially with T5 rune. So getting Fury of the Underworld is better than more range on two spells imo.


I think the extra range is useful on the Champion of the Honorguard, in the charges phases and before the explosions (I don’t remember the name of the spell now).
Also, since I’m usually assigned on portals duty, on Vistrix, there’s a chance to get Heart of Fire, and in that case some extra range is handy too.
But indeed Fury of the Underworld is good too.


Does the incinerate effect deal the same DoT doesn’t matter if from gaenna or hellstream?


Yes, the DoT is the same.