Demonologist - returning player


Guys, help me out a bit. I played the game the last time I think 2014. Later I got much stress in real life/job and had no time for computer games. To be honest, I forgot almost everything how to play the demonologist well. I remember that I used very often the WoF spell. Logged in today to see if I can remember something but the game was updated and my keybindings were lost because my Ui I used could not be loaded.

I have no idea which spells I used, which passive perks,… no idea. I am lost :smile:

Give me a good PvE Dungeon-Raid build and a nice rotation. I need to practice on my dummy to get back in shape before I start with elite raids again. The last raids I did were T4.


Not WoF:
For T5 Yakh I would recommend you to get Overloaded Shockblast (Preload it when adds spawns)

For AAs you will mostly use Cacademon, Ring of Fire & Bindings
You could make some specs for T4/group dungeons with some CCs if you wish but I just put two specs together quickly for you now.

For spells well if you can stay close spam WoF as you said, instants always on cd (please use keybinds for this and don’t click with your mouse) and lance when it has five stacks. FoG as filler. Circle of Magic, pact and if you get silver of twilight from Slithering Chaos/T6 is enough for you to pretty much never run out of mana.

Just be careful in the early stages of aggro, Planar Shift is amazing, use it when needed.

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Thank you, I will take a look into it as soon as I reinstall the game. I tried to uninstall Strange Ui and broke my whole game :smile: