Demonologist unconquered build / leveling

This is only class I have no idea how to spec my feats for leveling.
Anyone at all has link to some leveling guide or has info how I should spend my points when going unconquered?

Should I heavy invest in havoc or start with conflagration? I am totally lost here. Any info would help a lot.

For leveling & solo, probably want to to start mainly in Havoc, as that will eventually give you more CC’s & self-heal (more survivability). Although, with Demo, if you know what you’re doing, you could almost through points randomly in Havoc or Conflag, and get to 80 just fine regardless.

If you want a lot of survivability for soloing, you want a build something like this:

I see this survivability from Havoc comes near end of feat tree so might as well go mix or Conflag until than.

I’ve leveled a demo recently, and didn’t die till killed in Toerdealbach’s tomb by last boss at 51 (you can ask why I went purist run with an unconq toon, but I’ve already done the ach before and bored that time by only questing). Demo is op imo and if you are careful not the pull too much you won’t die. I was fully fire tree till 70. I died second time after 51 with a wrong pull till 80. So imo demo is a good choice for unconq.