Best weapon + feats for unconquered? Recommendations requested

So, I’ve decided to make an attempt at leveling all 12 classes to level 80 as unconquered characters.

My plan is to simply use the best weapon plus feat tree combination that would improve my chances of success and I would like the input of you, the community, since I haven’t played every class.

Just some real quick insight in terms of my builds:

I going off the assumption that more armor is good. The more damage I can mitigate. the better. So, if a character is capable of wielding a shield, they’ll likely do so. Also, I’m also going off the assumption that a 2H weapon would be preferable to dual wielding or 1H weapons with talismans and the like.

Again, these are just base assumptions and I may very well be completely wrong. Hence my request for the communities input.

So without further ado, this is what I’ve come up with so far:


Guardian: Shield + 1H and Juggernaut
Conqueror: 2H and Brute
Dark Templar: Shield + 1H and Depravity


Priest of Mitra: Shield + 1H and Vengeance?
Tempest of Set: Shield + 1H and Lightning?
Bear Shaman: 2H and Wrath?

Note: Not sure what to chose for feat trees here. I feel that the healing trees would initially seem the way to go, but I’m not sure if I could heal fast enough if I were to get in a situation where I find myself surrounded. I think that AoE damage and crowd control would increase my survival chances, but then again, I could be completely wrong.


Barbarian: 2H and Beserker
Assassin: Dual wield and Corruption? (I’ve heard that Corruption has some life stealing abilities which could help my survivability, but again…not certain.)
Ranger: Shield + 1H and Waylayer

MAGES (The archetype I am least familiar with.)

Herald of Xotli: 2H and Avatar?
Necromancer: 2H (staff)? and Nightfall?
Demonologist: 2H (staff)? and Havoc? Conflagration?

Note: As mentioned above, I have the least amount of familiarity with Mages and is where I need the most advice.

So, that’s what I have thus far. Again, my presumptions could be way off, and so, I’m hoping that you guys (and gals) will help me in choosing the best options possible.

If you’ve made it this far, I appreciate your patience and any input or advice is deeply appreciated. Thanks to everyone in advance for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you in-game!

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good luck, remember to bump the thread with your results 2025 :grin:

If you’re into micro-details and all that thats fine, just remember that your understanding and intuishion of your own actions in the game is whats making the biggest diffrence in the end. Learn the limit of your class so you can make fast judgements of when to fight and when to run. Very few deaths boils down to gearchoices or feats you have, even tho it can be helpful (if you understand and utilize them correctly)

Remember its pretty easy in this game to reset mobs by sprinting away, you just have to make that call early if u wanna run or fight. helps if you know your surroundings so you wont run in to a dead end.

I would feel safer playing with polearm actually. The survivability is quite similar and your damage is higher, has a further reach hitting more mobs. also your main cc on low levels (knockback) hit way more mobs at the same time then the s&s equivalent (you can and should ofc weaponswap to use both). s&s lowlevel-play kinda cripples the limits of your class in dmg to gain survivability that only benefits you when you have made a mistake (pulling too many mobs or an elite or w/e), situations you should run from anyway.


I hope you’re not serious about that… :laughing:

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Offense is the best defense. If you kill mobs quicker, they’ll hit you less often.
Most important thing for staying alive is being careful. And never be to proud to run away. If you pulled more mobs than intended, run away until they reset.
If you keep that in mind, it doesn’t matter which weapons you use or which skills. Maybe focus on additional ccs from any feattree, if you feel safer then.


IIRC Barbarian with dual wield is much better at 40+ or something with 2h just added mildly to rota


I will add -
Always have an escape route, river or a door.

Do the start of each zone before you venture forth deep into that zone. Mobs will be at or under your level most times.

Stealth and caution are best, sometimes that’s not possible however.

In the end, disconnects are the biggest bane of the unconquered.
Good luck!


Don’t go for the most defensive feats, it will just make your fights last longer. Sword and shield guard and ranger are terrible ideas ! You will have less chances to die if the opponent dies fast.
Instead, use decent damages and crowd controls (stuns, knock backs, even fears) that will make the opponents not damage you for a bit. Swap weapons if needed to apply those CCs. That’s actually the best choice for any solo play.
And as some other people wrote, an escape plan is welcome if you risk to be overwhelmed.

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Well, thanks so much for the replies everyone.

See? This is why I ask questions.

So…my presumptions about going the defensive route seem unpopular. From what I’m reading, offensive strategies that lead to quick kills coupled with crowd control for damage mitigation seems to be the way to go.

And a good escape plan apparently.

Thanks so much, and as always, I appreciate the input, advice and recommendations.


Armour and defense is good, but dealing lots of damage is also good.
Dead enemies can’t hurt you any longer, so killing them quickly lowers the amount of damage you take.

As for feats it will vary considerably by class. For some a hybrid build of more than one feat tree is optimal, for others one should focus on just a single tree. And this will of course also vary depending on if you play solo, or as part of a group.

The most important things for reaching Unconquered are, in no particular order:

  • Know your class and its abilities.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Do not get impatient or incautious.
  • Don’t pull more than you can handle. When in doubt see previous point.
  • Understand enemy abilities and behaviour

[disclaimer: to check the builds use the feat planner of joharaoc (google) and place the long string of numbers and letters into the bar]

rather than looking for a fixed weapon or a fixed tree, you should look for key feats in all of the trees;
while some trees offer nice feats in the later tiers (read: at higher levels) they might be pretty crappy in the first 40 levels. take the Templars Depravity (“Dread Shadow”) tree for example: the first five rows dont offer much, while “Curse of Gwahlur” or “Cabalistic Hunger” + “Vile Gluttony” offer great survivabilty later on.
Also the Perks especially designed to improve Healing are either quite limited in their use or only shine in longer fights, where you need sustained healing, so better forget them, unless it makes your healing Burst an instant cast; which might be considered for PoMs (“Presence of Mind”). Then there are also Skills for advanced players, which offer great survivabilty in the right situation, but are useless, if you dont know when to use them: “Excellent Balance” form the Rogue’s general tree comes to my mind, which is awesome when you recognize the enemy’s kick-combo animation at a glance (getting kicked easily gets you killed) but is totally wasted if you dont know when to activate.

So for the normal user i’d suggest these basic strats and key feats for certain classes:

Use “Blood Rage” stance and a 2-handed weapon for the most part. it’s mostly effective at fighting small groups of 2-4 Foes at a time; place them together (always move to the ranged enemy, so that the melees will follow you) and target the active enemy standing away the furthest from you → this will greatly increase your Combo-finishers range; fighting more than 1 target lets your “Blood Rage” stack up more quickly, which is your main source of healing and survivability.

first dip into reaver tree first though, since “Reave” and “Blitz” (1 point is enough) are extremely efficient and handy to get. ignore the rest of the tree for questing
Berserker tree is packed with nice feats for solo play: “Atrocity” is great, “Devastation” deserves a couple of points, “Shock and Awe” should be maxed for more frequent kicks and stuns. “Reverse Swing”.
The real spice comes with “Insanity” and “Blood Fury”. If used correctly, they offer great sustainability. Pull 3 Mobs, stack up to 15xBlood Rage and once you reach 15 stacks use “Blood Fury” to get some minor dps boost but more importantly: reduce your “Blood Rage” to 10x again. Why would you wanna do that? Because whenever your stack increases, you dont only get more health regen but each uptick also burst heals you for a certain amount (the higher the stack, the better), while staying at 15x only gives you the regen rate.
So at Level 40 your Barb should look like that: 1121ddc01de241e20b1e4c81e26c1e52a1e0161e3981df4c1d4c41d524

like the DT’s “Depravity” tree, the “Avatar” tree is a late bloomer, or rather an early stinker. Focus on possession first: “Hellfire” is the most important feat. Period. “Spitfire” is a 1 point wonder, “Flame Tongue” is good, “Improved Word of Command” is nice for running away. “Lingering Hell” + “Touch of Hell” are suprisingly effective for questing and add lots of Mobility. “Thundering Flames” is the next best skill after “Hellfire” → just spam “Hell Fire Breath” and randomly interrupt any combo, cast or whatever every 5 seconds - Strongest CC in game imo.
Level 30 HoX: 12b1b8401b7dc1bc891b8a11c3301bd501c2641c200
now either move to the “Avatar” tree or head towards both end feats in “possession”.

Make sure to always have “Blood Flow” and a manifestation running (Spirit over Winter); “Internal Bleed” should start every fight and should be kept on cooldown. Use “Renewal” right before (not during!) finishing a combo; use all versions of “Crush Armor”.
Start with the “Spirit” Tree, great stuff here.
Level 40 BS: 11d3b21c3b5a03bc403ab103a9843b72c3a9e83b3aa3ae303aab03ae943bbdc

“Brute” Tree all the way; play with 2H weapons, switch to dual wield for the 1-Step Dot combo or the fear when needed; place the fire banner on cooldown; use several tiers of “Feint Attack” to prevent the Mobs from putting all their shields to the right
level 40 Conq: 1160cd180cd7c0d1620d2290d2f00d1c70d4e40d5480d5ae0d3540ce430d290